3 Tips to Make Your Beard Grow Like a Weed

You cannot get your beard styled the way you want it until it grows out first. Once your beard has grown out, then you can start to give it any look you want. But what steps do you need to take to get your beard hair to grow quickly and remain healthy? There is much more to growing a healthy beard than just waiting. If you follow some simple tips, then you will have a beard that is full and healthy, and a beard that is ready to be styled to look any way you want.

#1: Eat the Right Foods

Eat the right foods for your beard
You can eat anything you want and your beard will keep on growing. But remember what your mother used to tell you; garbage in means garbage out. If you eat the wrong foods, then your beard will be brittle and lifeless. That is not what you want when it comes time to style it into the creation you have been planning. What you want is a soft, flowing beard that is easy to style. To get there, you need to eat the right foods.

Your base beard diet is based on foods that are rich in protein. Fish, nuts, and eggs can be part of your diet. If you like walnuts, then snack on those instead of candy at work. Instead of a greasy burger for dinner, eat some salmon and make your beard and your body healthier. If you aren’t into the wholesome eating scene you’ll want to supplement your diet with vitamins. Some folks even swear by certain nootropics that make you, and, by association your hair, healthy.

# 2: Take Care of Yourself

We have all seen the movies where the male character does not get enough sleep, takes horrible care of himself for days, and winds up with a beard after a couple of weeks. While that could happen, it is not the kind of beard you want.

If you want a healthy beard then quit smoking and start getting plenty of sleep. You should also wash your face each day with a cleanser that is designed to clean our your pores and encourage beard hair growth. The better you feel, the healthier your beard will be.

# 3: Use Beard Oil

Beard oil for beard growth
You have to be careful about the products you put in your beard if you want it to grow properly. Some men would put Rogaine in their beard to encourage growth, but that is probably not the best solution. Once your beard starts growing and you have already taken the other steps towards healthy growth that we have mentioned, your next step is to get used to using beard oil.

Grooming and trimming your beard regularly will encourage hair growth more than chemical products and using beard oil will keep your beard soft and healthy. Many beard experts use hair conditioner in their beards to keep those beards soft and manageable. Beard oil goes one step further and gives your beard the soft look and great scent that you have always wanted it to have.

Growing the kind of beard you can be proud of requires dedication and focus. If you do not take care of yourself, then you cannot expect to grow the perfect beard. No matter what style of beard you want, it all starts with a healthy foundation of a lot of facial hair. To get that facial hair to keep growing to the point where you can style it, you need to eat right and take care of yourself. Most of all, you need to start getting used to using beard oil to get the very best look a beard can have at all times.

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