Five Epic Ways to Decorate Your Beard

For some people, the presence of a lot of facial hair is an open invitation to start decorating. After all, people with long hair put beads and other ornaments in their flowing manes, so why not do the same with a beard? Think Jason Momoa as the Dothraki Prince on Game of Thrones as an example of this look done with just the right amount of awesomeness, and you have the right idea. Nevertheless, there are right ways to decorate your beard, and there are wrong ways. Let’s discuss the right ways to decorate your beard and then give some warnings on what not to do.

Keep Your Beard Healthy

you start weaving ornaments in your beard, it has to be healthy to withstand the manipulation that comes with adding decorations. When you use Lumberjack’s Beard Oil, your beard will be soft and manageable, which is exactly what you need to be able to put any decorations in it. Look at Lumberjack’s Beard Oil as the material you use to create a clean canvas for your bearded creations.

You have to be careful not to overdo it with the beads and you will want to choose colors that do not bring your masculinity into question. A couple of good themes to use to choose beads are the colors of your favorite sports team or your school colors. Some people choose beads that have a personal significance to them, which helps to make a very unique statement.


beard braids
Braids in a beard actually look very cool when they are done right. If you are going to do braids in your beard, then it is essential that you keep your beard soft and healthy with the Lumberjack beard oil, otherwise the process is going to be really painful. If you go to a professional stylist, you can get different braid patterns in your beard that would look very cool.


Different feathers have different meanings for people and many people put feathers in their hair or their hats. Lately, feathers have been showing up in beards and it creates a very unique look. If you are going to put feathers in your beard, consider using smaller feathers to try and keep things to scale. You may also want to consider attaching the feathers to beads and putting the beads in your beard to add some more stability to your feathered presentation.


In order to understand how cool crystals look as a beard decoration, you would actually have to try it and see for yourself. Small crystals put into your beard in a pattern can look very cool in the sunlight and creates a look that nothing else can duplicate.


beard ponytail
Actually, the beard ponytail would just be the beginning of a whole process to add some character to your beard. Many guys wrap their beard ponytails in colorful leather bindings that can look very cool when contrasted with the color of the beard. Some guys even color their beard ponytail a different color to help it stand out.

No No Number 1 – Christmas Decorations

It can seem so festive to put small Christmas ornaments or even those icicle things in your beard, but it is really just an invitation for disaster. The icicles are sharp and can really hurt of they get accidentally pulled out, while the glass ornaments present a danger you just do not want to deal with.

No No Number 2 – Food

Food in the beard is just gross. Guys that are told they have food in their beard and then play it off like they were saving it for later are even worse. Groom your beard for just 30 seconds after each meal and make sure that you are not decorating your beard with food.

Decorating your beard can be a great way to make it stand out and make a unique statement. Just be sure that you don’t go overboard and turn your beard into a decoration wasteland.

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