8 Musician Beards We Are Absolutely Digging

Musicians have always held a place of mystery in our society that extends all the way back to colonial days. People with talent have always been regarded as unique and when you add a cool beard in with unique musical talent, then you really have something that is worth checking out.

Jim Morrison

The Lizard King loved to keep people guessing and that was why he would show up with a beard when people least expected it. Despite Morrison’s reputation for avoiding basic hygiene practices, his beard was always full and actually looked darn good. The last pictures we have of Morrison have him sporting the beard and when he added his floppy leather hat to his look, it was just pure gold.

ZZ Top

These are beards that need no introduction anywhere in the civilized world and that is quite an accomplishment. ZZ Top is one of the only bands in the world that could completely suffocate their careers if they shaved off those glorious beards. The drummer’s last name is Beard and he is the one guy in the band not known for having a beard.

Dave Grohl

When he was drumming for Nirvana, Dave Grohl was clean-shaven. But when he started Foo Fighters, Grohl grew a beard that has become a significant part of his image. It is not the best kept beard in music, but it is perfect for Grohl and adds so much to his look and his persona.

George Michael

Ah yes, the infamous “Faith” beard that George Michael teamed up with his leather jacket and jeans to drop his teeny-booper Wham! image. You can say whatever you want about Michael’s beard, but it has become an iconic part of his amazing career and his beard is just as much a part of his career as his music. To be honest, it is difficult to try and imagine ol’ George without that permanent five o’clock shadow whenever his name comes up.

Kerry King

Kerry King is the virtuoso lead guitarist for the metal band Slayer and a beard expert in every sense of the world. King has never appeared in public without his beard, but he has trimmed it to various lengths throughout his career. He has adorned his beard with decorations and even colored the bottom half red for many years. When he had it trimmed to a point, then that was when we were really digging Kerry King’s beard.

Barry Gibb

During their early years, the Bee Gees were a clean-cut group of young British lads who were creating some very nice melodies. When disco came around, brother Barry Gibb grew a beard and turned into a total rebel. Brother Maurice Gibb also grew a beard, but it was not the impressive structure that Barry’s beard turned out to be. In many circles, Barry Gibb’s beard went on to be more of a sex symbol than Barry himself.

Kenny Rogers

Have you ever seen The Gambler without his iconic goatee? Kenny Rogers’ beard started out as a very well-trimmed full-face beard that ran thin along his cheeks. But after a while, the cheek hair was eliminated and Rogers left himself with just the goatee. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mick Fleetwood

The truly great musical beards are the ones that are so much a part of the musician’s look that the musician would be unrecognizable without it. Mick Fleetwood is the drummer of Fleetwood Mac and he has reached the point where he has more hair on his chin than he does on his head, but he is still easy to recognize with that legendary beard of his.

Good music and good beards go together like mosquitoes and an outdoor festival. If you want to rock an image that people will remember, then always rock a beard.

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