Dying the Beard…Is it a Good Idea?

Dying any hair on your head is not as easy as you may think. Did you know that gray hairs are extremely difficult to dye because they have no pigment, which means there is nothing for the artificial color to grab onto? The ironic thing is that most people dye their hair to get rid of the gray and the gray is the most difficult to dye.

What about your beard? Should you dye your beard? As you get older, your hair color does change and your beard hair will usually follow the pattern established by the rest of your body hair. But what if your beard is not in line with your body hair and your beard goes gray before the rest of your hair does? What about those streaks of gray that seem to show up in a beard more prominently than on top of your head?

Is dying your beard a good idea? When done properly, dying a beard can be the solution to maintaining the look you want. As long as you are using products designed to dye hair safely, then your beard will be just fine. But there are a few considerations you should make before you decide to color your beard and alter the way that people see you.

Maintain Your Use of Beard Oilgray beard hipster

Beard oil, even with gray hair that is technically dead, can keep your beard healthy and soft. Beard oil also adds nutrients to your beard that are essential in maintaining the soft look and feel you want. If you decide to color your beard, then do not forget to maintain your use of beard oil to help keep your beard healthy. If you are not using beard oil, then get started in order to help protect your beard as it gets older.

Consider a Salon

What manly man wants to be seen in a salon with tinfoil and dye on his beard? Any manly man that cares about getting his beard dyed properly would have no problem being in that situation.

There are two big issues to think about when it comes to dying your beard. The first is to get the dyed color to look exactly like you want it to look. If you want your gray beard to match the brunette hair on your head, then you will need an expert to mix the colors to get you exactly what you want, otherwise your beard and your hair will look completely different.

The other issue is making sure that you get the right chemicals in your beard. A salon specialist can use a base product on a gray beard that will keep the hair healthy and allow the dye to adhere to the hairs better. Your $5 box of dye does not have that, so invest in a specialist to get the job done right.

Is It Really Necessary?

Are you dying your beard for a purpose, or is it just out of vanity? If you can avoid dying your beard, then you should and just keep using beard oil to keep your beard healthy. Dying your hair is not really helping it to be healthy and it can even damage your hair over time. Once you start dying your beard, you may find yourself having to get it dyed regularly to maintain your look. Many women actually find beards slightly grayed, to be very attractive and this is the reason why dye products like “Just for Men” are on the market. Maybe keeping the gray hairs in your beard will be even more attractive? You know, the George Clooney look.

Dying your hair is ultimately your decision, but you want to do the right thing for your hair and make the right choice. Your beard is your most prominent personal expression as a male that you can make, and you want to take the best care of it you can. If you decide to dye, do it the right way and preserve your beard and your look.

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