Important Men with Beards throughout History

When creating a list of important men with beards throughout history, it is critical to include men who were just as known for their beards as they were for their great deeds. These are the men who left their imprint on the world and made their beards integral elements of their appearance. When we talk about great men with beards, we are talking about the men who would be difficult to place in our collective subconscious without the familiarity of their famous facial hair.

Abraham Lincoln

Abe Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States who helped to make the exaggerated top hat famous. But if you try to imagine Lincoln without his chin curtain beard, then you may just draw a blank. After all, Lincoln’s beard was so famous that most people refer to the moustache-less beard style as a “Lincoln.” That is a man who did great things for our country and for the advancement of beards.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci
The long, flowing beard that cascades off the brilliant chin of Leonardo da Vinci is a fixture in the minds of everyone who has ever studied this brilliant inventor and artist’s work. If you were to show someone familiar with da Vinci a drawing of da Vinci without his famous beard, then there is a good chance that the inventor would go unrecognized. But put that beard back in place, then you get the Leonardo the world knows today. Now that’s what beard wearers of the world call art!

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin
The man who first created the theory of evolution is, without much argument, one of the more important writers in the history of mankind. He is also extremely famous for his long beard which, at first glance, looks a little out of control. But a man like Charles Darwin, who based his life’s work on the dominance of perfection, actually had a very well maintained beard that has become his hallmark. Thanks for helping with the evolution of the beard, Charlie!

Billy Gibbons

Billy Gibsons
If it were not for the blues band ZZ Top, then the music world would have lacked the influence of the Texas blues that has launched so many musical careers. Guitarist Billy Gibbons has become the face or, more appropriately, the beard of ZZ Top as his waist-long facial hair has become just as famous around the world as his virtuoso guitar playing. Everybody’s crazy about a sharp-dressed man (with a funky beard!).

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders was more than a corporate spokesman, he was one of the originators of the concept of restaurant franchising and a business pioneer. His Baldo beard (a combination of a goatee and a short moustache) became so famous that he used a cartoon representation of his facial hair as his own corporate image.

Saint Nicholas

St. Nicholas
Images of Saint Nicholas portray him as a man who wore a flowing white beard and a green robe trimmed in white. It would be these images that would be the model for the modern Santa Claus that children love today. In his day, Saint Nicholas was very much like the modern Santa Claus in that he gave up his own personal possessions to care for children and bring them gifts to lift their spirits.

Chester Arthur

Chester Arthur
If you want to find out which American helped to make the friendly mutton chop beard style popular, then look no further than 21st president of the United States, Chester Arthur. Arthur’s mutton chops started out relatively small when he first took office, but it grew in prominence as his one term moved along.

It is impossible to separate the important men in history from their iconic beards. Whether it is a musician inspiring the careers of countless others, or a politician who helped to shape the world into what it is today, men with beards have played an important role in many facets of life and they did it all with style.


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