Negative Effects of Shampoo Chemicals on Your Beard

Shampoo and conditioners are supposed to make hair softer and healthier. However, many of today’s products on the market can be extremely hazardous to your health because of the chemicals used to manufacture them. Fortunately, with a combination of natural oils, supplements, and the right products, you can restore your hair’s brilliance and sheen naturally.

Dangerous Chemicals

Chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate cocamidopropyl betaine and lauramidopropyl betaine are harmful chemicals that can do damage to your hair and skin over time. Included in many of today’s shampoos and conditioners on the market today, they can irritate skin and cause skin sensitivity. Some of the chemicals found in the hair products were even shown to have cancer-causing compounds in them.

shampoo chemcials

In order to make the products foam and thicker, the manufacturers added the dangerous and harmful chemicals. Environmental groups have filed lawsuits in hopes of getting the makers of the products to focus on something safer and without the cancer-causing agents. For those who fail to comply with the new regulations, they will face fines for each violation. They could even make it harder for the companies to sell the products.

Incorporating Natural Oils into Your Daily Routine

Just like your other body parts, the cells that contribute to healthy and shiny hair are dependent on a well-balanced diet. In addition to lackluster hair, consuming fattening foods can also contribute to weight gain, acne, sallow skin and dry hair.

Foods such as salmon, walnuts, eggs, sweet potatoes, oysters, Greek yogurt and spinach can boost the look and condition of your hair naturally. Supplements such as vitamins A, B, E and folic acid are all powerhouse nutrients that can naturally promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, increase shine and slow down the process of graying.

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Natural Replacements to Your Shampoos and Conditioners

Expensive hair products are often advertised as a way to get healthy hair. However, the big name shampoos and conditioners can prove dangerous and more costly. If you’re looking to retain a healthy scalp and shinier and softer hair, you’ll want to incorporate essential oils into your beauty regimen. Avocado oil is chalk full of nutrients vitamins and amino acids. It can also improve the strength and shine of your hair. Castor, coconut and olive oil are other natural liquids that can eliminate flakiness and dandruff, combat hair loss and thicken your hair.

If you chemically treat your hair, other important oils include rosemary, sweet almond and safflower. They nourish and coat your hair follicles, moisturize and stimulate the blood circulation important in your hair’s thickness and growth. Natural soaps are just as important when it comes to shampooing your hair because they clean your hair without taking away your natural oils. They also leave your hair healthy, shiny, thick and bouncy. From herb and coconut to carrot, milk and honey, bar shampoo soaps are a safer alternative to their chemical counterparts.

While hair products on the market today advertise shine, bounce and strength, they can be overpowered with dangerous toxins and chemicals. By eating a healthy diet, adding natural supplements and focusing on products such as organic soaps and essential oils, you’ll be amazed at the amount of growth, bounce and visible shine your hair will be able to obtain naturally.

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