The Beard Takes Over Morning TV: Jeff Bridges, Simon Miller Guest Star on the Better Show

The Better Show is a popular morning television program that offers a chipper approach to just about everything, including beards. It is obvious that the bearded look plays a strong role in the show because even host J.D. Roberto sports the five o’clock shadow look that has become extremely popular with Millennials and professional athletes that dig the style.

When it comes to covering everything to do with beards, the Better Show does not stop with the cautious but rugged look of its male host. The show features segments that feature beards in a variety of ways and puts beard enthusiasts in the spotlight they so rightly deserve.

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges
We could talk at length about the promotional segment for the movie The Seventh Son that the Better Show offered, but let’s talk about the subject that really mattered in that entire segment – beard expert Jeff Bridges. In his new movie, Bridges plays a wise old man who has (you guessed it) a long, flowing beard. Actually, when the Better Show shows its clips of The Seventh Son, it appears that every male in the movie has a beard.

The new Jeff Bridges movie looks great, but we are reminded of how important Bridges is to beard culture when we move to the interview between Bridges, Julianne Moore, and the Better Show. In his interview, Bridges sports that familiar beard that he has made so famous in his many movie roles. We see The Dude from The Big Lebowski and we see the country singer from Crazy Heart. Jeff Bridges is to beard culture what Bill Gates is to technology and Bridges wears his beard with pride wherever he goes.

There’s other folks in the segment, too. We were too busy checking out that amazing beard on Jeff Bridges to really notice much else, though.

Video 7th Son

Hair 911

How far has beard culture come? Today, some of the most respected hair stylists are males with flowing facial hair. Simon Miller has been an expert hair stylist for a long time, but the Better Show has helped to turn him and his beard into celebrities. When Simon starts giving hair advice in the Hair 911 segment, his beard is front and center and just as much a part of his good hair sense as his perfectly cropped haircut.

One of the really great things about these Hair 911 segments is that Simon gives tips on caring for hair, along with styling tips. Beard owners know that the tips Simon gives on creating soft and healthy hair apply just as much to his facial hair as they do to the hair of the lovely model he is working on.

Watch Clip: Hair 911

Beards are everywhere on the Better Show from the male host to the beauty segments. It even seems like the show goes out of its way to feature beards in its entertainment segments as the plethora of flowing manes are hard to miss in the interviews and previews used to promote the movie The Seventh Son.

From beard aficionado Jeff Bridges to hair styling expert Simon Miller, the Better Show is a haven for men who want to see different beard styles and learn the best ways to care for their beards. At the very least, men can watch the Better Show and find a wide variety of beard looks that they can aspire for and determine which look would be perfect for their lifestyles and their personalities.

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