Tips on Grooming Your Beard (Taming the Beast)

Not all men are fortunate enough to be able to carry off facial hair. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you need to follow proper grooming etiquette in order to keep your appearance tidy, clean and sharp. In addition to lifestyle, you’ll also want to take into consideration the shape of your face and career to make your beard’s appearance more effective. The following grooming tips will help in taming the beast.

Pick a Style

In order to pick the right style of beard, you need to take into account the shape of your face first. You want a style that enhances your facial features and allows everything to blend together. If your face is angular with sunken in cheeks, you may want to keep your hair growth longer in order to add some much needed girth to the beard.

For those with rounder features and a double chin, a goatee or longer chin whiskers may prove more aesthetically pleasing. If your face is longer in appearance, a beard that’s shorter around the chin and mouth and of greater thickness on the sides can help you achieve a more handsome appearance. If you can’t determine what best suits our own facial needs, a barber can add some expert advice.

The Right Tools

boars brush for beard care

Cheap combs can pull, snag and tear your beard hair. However, the right trimming and grooming tools can keep your beard looking great and better maintained. High quality mustache and beard combs that are hand polished and saw cut can help manicure your beard neatly and easily. You should also invest in the right clippers.

Whether you’re going for the stubble look or something woolier and manly, high-quality scissors can safely and neatly trim flyaway hairs. Tweezers can also aid your cause if you experience ingrown hairs. If you’re going for the look of a full beard, you still need the right combs to help your beard retain a neat and orderly appearance. Knots and tangles can often accompany a fuller beard. Bores hair brushes is a great instrument when you’re looking to contain and get out knots gently. The boar bristle brush is also gentle on your beard and distributes the natural oils to each hair evenly.

Keep it Neat and Tidy

While you may think growing out your beard gives you a free pass from shaving, you still have to keep it neat and tidy. A razor used daily can clean up the areas around your neckline and beard. However, how much trimming you do is solely dependent on the style and size of your beard.

When concentrating on the neckline, you want to go along the grain of the hair follicles. You also want to use warm water and ensure that you shave over the area only once. The blade or razor should be kept clean and changed after several uses.


Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs to be shampooed on a regular basis to avoid looking dirty and unkempt. Regular facial washes and organic bar soaps can help retain moisture and keep your beard looking healthy and full. To avoid flaking and dryness, you want to ensure that you fully rinse off any remaining soap or shampoo.
Lumberjacks beard oil used twice daily can weigh down whiskers that are flying away. It can also keep your beard looking like you have facial hair of the gods.

As a part of your regular grooming regimen, your beard will need to be checked daily. This will help it retain its perfect shape, softness, style and health. You also want to make sure you keep your beard free from food, flakes and oils that can interfere with its pleasing appearance.

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