Tips for Taming the Savage Beard Beast

You want to have the ideal beard, but you are having problems keeping your facial hair under control. If you are able to grow facial hair, then there are steps you can take to insure that your beard is healthy and looks just the way you want it to. It takes an investment of time and dedication to maintain a nice beard, but the effort is more than worth it to many men who consider their beard an important part of their lives.

Grooming Tips

No matter what type of beard style you want, the best way to get started is to encourage the general growth of your facial hair and then go from there. Your three primary beard growing tools are a trimmer, a beard comb, and a moustache comb. Your beard hair is no different than the hair on your head in that you have to trim it to encourage it to grow. So trim your beard a few times a week while you are growing it to give yourself the facial hair you need to work with.

A beard comb and moustache comb are essential because the curling and snarls that occur with an unattended beard slow growth. In some cases, tangles in your beard that you may not even be able to see could prevent hair from growing completely. Run your beard and moustache combs through your growing beard at least once a day to encourage healthy growth.

Unscented Beard Oil

Use Proper Products

Beard oils, such as the quality line of product sold by Lumberjack’s Beard Oil, soften your beard hair and keep it healthy. It is the equivalent of using conditioner in the hair on your head, but beard oil is much more prominent with its aroma and look. Work beard oil into your beard daily and utilize your beard comb to keep the hair soft and healthy.

For the best results, you should team up your beard oil with premium shampoo and conditioner products as well. As you wash the hair on the top of your head, you should also apply that shampoo to your beard and help maintain good hair health. Conditioner works along with beard oil to keep your beard soft and looking great.

Be Healthy

Be fit for a healthier beard

Getting plenty of sleep and drinking the proper amount of water each day will go a long way towards keeping your beard healthy. While there is not a great deal of scientific evidence to support it, many beard experts recommend taking a B-complex supplement to encourage healthy hair growth. Before taking any supplement, discuss it with your doctor to make sure you are not doing something your body will not appreciate.

There is no magic diet that will get a beard to grow, but a balanced diet that consists of grains, fruits, proteins, and dairy products will encourage strong and healthy beard growth. Avoid greasy foods and always do your best to stay away from the junk foods as well.

You may have to reconcile yourself to the fact that you simply cannot grow a full beard. But that does not mean you cannot create a facial hair look that really helps you to express your personality. If you have bald spots in your beard, then think of a beard design that utilizes the bald spots and helps your healthy hair to look great.

If you have never really eaten a healthy diet before or never paid much attention to drinking water each day, then you should have some patience with your beard when you do start taking care of yourself and eating right. A beard may not grow in overnight, but you can encourage growth when you start taking the right steps.

All it really takes to have a great beard is dedication to getting the right look. Spend some time choosing the beard style you want and then pursue your dream beard with a good diet, the right supplements, and a healthy lifestyle.


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