Tips for Wearing Your Beard Oil Responsibly

You have a lush and full beard that you take good care of using the proper oils and creams. As you prepare to head out for the evening, you do what any man would do and enhance your aura with a musky scent that you are sure will drive the ladies wild. But are you wearing your beard oil and other scents responsibly? The ladies, and pretty much everyone around you on any given day, would appreciate it if you would learn to wear your beard oil and other scents in a responsible manner. Here’s a few tips to guide you down the right olfactory path just in case you were wondering:

Read the Labels

Before you start combining scents, you can read the labels and use your common sense to prevent an aromatic disaster. For example, the beard oil called Enchanted Pine Forest created by us offers the fresh, clean scent of pine needles that may even remind you of being in the woods. Your cologne has a slight hint of the ocean with a bit of a sea breeze to it. Have you ever smelled a Christmas tree dunked in sea water? It is not a good combination.

Another thing to consider is that mixing scents can cause reactions. You can mix two smells together and they could end up smelling like vomit. That is why we tested and re-tested each one of our scents. In one particular beard oil concoction we were working on, it smelled great but when it was left in the beard, an acid from one of the essential oils reacted badly with one of the carrier oils and left a very disgusting smell. So be careful when mixing scents.

Reading the labels on your scents can help you to choose products that compliment each other. Perhaps a cologne with a twist of peppermint to it would be a better match for your Christmas beard oil. You don’t have to use holidays as themes for your scents, but you get the picture.

When to Say “No”

Some beard oils and colognes smell very similar and give a man a false confidence that matching up the two is a great idea. When a lady states that her man “smelled like he bathed in cologne,” she is not making a positive statement. Overpowering someone with a beard oil and cologne that smell similar is almost as bad as mixing two scents that could create a nasal crisis.

If your beard oil and cologne smell similar, then put down the cologne and leave it for another day. This can be a difficult habit for some men to break, but it could be essential in insuring that you get more second dates.

An Enhancing Wisp of Scent

So far we have discussed avoiding bad scent mixes, mixing two scents that compliment each other, and only wearing one scent. But what we have not talked about is the true art of using one scent to enhance the other and getting a great effect.

Your beard oil is something you are more than likely going to wear on a regular basis. It makes your beard soft, helps you to feel comfortable, and encourages her to run her fingers through your beard. So, needless to say, the beard oil stays.

But that does not mean that you have to abandon your cologne completely. The beard oil is effective at a maximum distance that creates a pleasant air when you are having a casual discussion with your date, or anyone else you may run into on your night out. But when you enhance your beard oil with a slight blast of a complimentary scent, then you create a whole new experience as your date gets a little closer for some more intimate conversation.

Experiment with different colognes to see which ones can be used on a lighter scale to enhance the scent of your beard. Instead of having both scents turned up to 11, you can use your beard oil as your primary scent and your cologne as the scent that makes an intimate moment that much more effective.

Men who wear beard oil and cologne are often unaware of the atmospheric catastrophe they are creating when they pour on two scents that do not work or play well together. But with a little attention to detail, you can learn to use the fragrance of your beard oil and the allure of your cologne together to make yourself simply irresistible.

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