The Lumberjack’s Premium Beard Oils

All of the ingredients in the Lumberjack’s Beard Oils have been tried and tested. The ingredients are all-natural and centered on producing a healthy and full-grown beard by going to work on both your hair and the skin underneath immediately after you apply it. The products are proven to improve the look and luster of the beard over time and are backed with the Lumberjack’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Your beard will never look or feel the same once you start using our premium line of beard care conditioners.

The primary function of an excellent beard oil is to supply you with all natural ingredients that keep your facial hair in good health so that it maintains a lustrous appearance. Most shampoos and conditioners on the market today are loaded with chemicals and harmful toxins. These chemicals can prove hazardous to your health and the condition of your hair, especially when it comes to the face. Facial hair is different than hair that grows on your head; therefore, it demands a different set of ingredients. Chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate and propylene glycol are among the many toxins that can negatively affect the health and longevity of your beard. They should never be used on facial hair.

The Lumberjack's Premium Beard Oils

What is Beard Oil?

The use of beard oil can be traced as far back as 3100 BC when the upper-class men of Mesopotamia would grow long, thick and lustrous beards. In order to keep their hair healthy and strong, they would incorporate beard oils into their daily regimen. Curling irons and other methods of grooming were also often used to maintain their beards. Beards were seen as a source of power, and the longer the beard, the wiser they were seen to their peers.

Beard oil is comprised of both carrier and essential oils as they carry significant health benefits. Carrier oils can be used on their own; however, essential oils are volatile and should be diluted within in a carrier oil. For best results, a mixture of both carrier and essential oils is recommended for optimal health to your beard as many of the oils have different compounds and can condition the hair in a variety of ways.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are used to condition the beard hair and promote healthy growth. They are typically cold-pressed oils that are produced from the fatty portions of specific plants. Carrier oils do not evaporate like essential oils, which can prove volatile and will evaporate over time. A combination of both oils can prevent evaporation. That’s why a combination of both carrier and essential oils are recommended for maintaining your beard.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have the scents of the plant from which they are extracted from, and they are commonly used in perfumes and aromatherapy. These oils give the beard a pleasant scent to go along with a healthy shine and luster from the carrier oils. These scents are natural and have no harsh chemicals in them. These safeguards ensure that your beard suffers no negative effects.

Reasons to Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is extremely important for both the health and appearance of the beard. First off, no matter what environment you live or work in, your beard will become damaged, dried, and split, especially in extreme hot or cold climates. That is why Lumberjack’s Beard Oil should play an important part in your beard’s daily life. Our products help to keep the hair moisturized and strong to fight against split ends and breaking

Using beard oil along with a proper grooming routine will keep your beard tame and maintainable. Not many women can resist a man with a well-groomed beard, and the lush texture and feel of healthy facial hair may even bring out their primitive instincts. With the masculine aromas and powerful deep conditioning properties, you’ll want to choose our Lumberjack’s Beard Oil products. We feel that our specially blended beard oil should be a part of every bearded modern day man’s routine.