4 Tips on Applying Beard Oil

Beard oil is really catching on, and there are many companies offering different types of products. Lumberjack’s Beard Oil is made out of the highest quality ingredients and offers the widest array of options for your beard. But how do you perfectly apply beard oil?

The worst thing most men do is take beard oil for granted and never learn how to apply it properly. There are tips you need to know that will allow you to get the most out of your beard oil and develop the kind of beard that you want. Here’re 4 tips on applying beard oil that work like a charm.

Tip #1: Always Apply Beard Oil after Showering

When you shower, you open up the pores in your skin, and that makes it easier for your skin to take in the moisturizers and other nutrients that are in good Lumberjack Beard oil. To get the best results from your beard oil, you should apply it immediately after getting out of the shower and take advantage of those open skin pores. Remember to dry your beard before applying beard oil to prevent the water on your skin and in your beard from making it difficult for the oil to do its job.

Tip #2: How Often to Apply Beard Oil

Another big concern for guys using beard oil, especially guys that are new to beard oil, is how often they should apply it. The frequency of your beard oil applications can range from once a week, to once a day. But you should never apply it more than once a day.

Tip # 3: How Much Beard Oil to Apply

Even though the word “oil” is in the name, most guys forget that beard oil does not evaporate like water-based products do. If you put too much beard oil in your beard, then it will drip all over the place and cause a lot of problems. Your beard and skin must absorb the oil for it to work properly.


So how much beard oil should you apply? The answer to this question is different for each person and requires a little experimenting. You want to start off with a small amount, maybe the size of a dime, and work that into your beard and skin. The next time you apply your beard oil, you should try just a little more and keep doing this till you get that point where there is excess oil being left behind. Use this technique to ascertain how much to apply, and you will avoid those messy situations.

Tip # 4: Working In the Oil

The best way to apply beard oil is to rub it between both of your hands and then gently apply it across and with the grain of your beard. But if you really want your beard oil to work its best, then you should also add an extra step to your application process.

hard brush beard oilUse a comb or a hard brush to work the oil into your beard and get the best results. Combing also helps to remove any tangles and make your beard even softer. Just a few strokes of a comb or stiff brush will give your beard oil the chance to do its magic.

So you bought a bottle of Lumberjack’s Beard Oil and now you have no idea what to do with it. That, my friend, is not a problem. Applying beard oil is not a complex process, but it is also not as easy as it sounds.

If you ignore some of the more subtle points of applying beard oil, then you will never get the opportunity to take all of the benefits beard oil has to offer. Develop an effective way to use your beard oil and then enjoy the comfortable way your beard feels and the great look you get.

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