4 Tips for Growing Facial Hair When You Have Skin Issues

Dry skin, acne, and other skin conditions can sometimes get in the way when it comes to growing an impressive beard. For example, acne can be a problem because it can prevent facial hair follicles from growing, and that creates bald spots. So what do you do? You could cry about it, but that isn’t what a manly man with a beard would do. Actually, there are a few actions you can do to combat skin issues that could get in the way of your awesome beard.

Here’s 4 of them to consider:

#1: Maybe a Beard Isn’t for You

We need to get the sad news out of the way right up front and say that growing a beard is not for everyone. In some cases, the inability to grow a beard has nothing to do with skin issues. Some guys just cannot grow facial hair no matter how much and how hard they try.

If you do get into growing a beard and find that your skin issues are getting in the way, then it may be in your best interests to abandon the idea of having a beard. Take heart in understanding that it is rare for skin conditions to prevent a beard from growing, but be aware that it can happen.

#2: Go to the Doctor

If you are seeking to grow a beard and are having problems, then get to the doctor, man! Seriously though, sometimes an attempt to grow facial hair can uncover problems that you did not see before. If you have been aspiring to grow a beard and nothing is happening, then get to your dermatologist or general practitioner as early as possible.

#3: Call on the Lumberjack

Sensitive skin can be a huge problem when it comes to growing your first beard because of the discomfort that is caused. Growing a beard brings out the itch in even the heartiest of males, but it is awful if your skin is sensitive to begin with. If you have sensitive skin that is getting in the way of growing your beard, then call on the Lumberjack for help.

Lumberjack Beard oils have an unscented blend that moisturizes your skin without creating any type of scent. This is an ideal solution for sensitive skin because it will help pave the way for your beard without giving you any kind of reaction. Try the Lumberjack’s unscented blend for sensitive skin and let your beard grow through.

unscented beard oil

#4: What about Acne?

Since acne tends to cause bald spots in beards, what should you do about it? You actually have two choices when it comes to acne. You can ignore the acne and let the other facial hair grow out and around your skin issue. This is not the suitable answer because it is pretty much like putting a Band-Aid on a broken arm, but it actually can work in many cases.

beard acne

The best solution is to find an acne cream that will remove your acne and then get a deep cleaning solution to keep your pores healthy. Acne occurs when dirt and oil get into your pores and clogs them up. Sweat cannot get out, and your facial hair cannot grow (we know, gross). Taking care of the acne is not only going to help your beard grow, but it is also going to make your skin healthier.

A beard is a privilege; not a right. If you want a beard, then you may have to address some of your skin issues first. If the desire to grow a beard inspires you to address your skin issues, then it could be argued that growing a beard is good for your health. When you start maintaining that beard with Lumberjack Beard oil, you will find that a healthy beard is also good for your self-confidence as well.

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