5 of the Best Beard Care and Beard Grooming Tools

Growing a spectacular beard is just one part of maintaining a manly look. Not only do you have to be able to grow your beard, but you also have to be able to groom it properly to maintain its look. Good beard grooming also helps your beard and skin to stay healthy as well. There are a few essential grooming tools you need to use if you want to keep your beard looking awesome.

#1: Beard Oil

The Lumberjack is an expert on beard oil and offers a full line of beard care products, but none are more important to the health of your beard than beard oil. Good beard oil will condition your beard and your skin, which makes your beard comfortable and helps it look great. If you are sincere about your beard, then you have to get serious about applying good beard oil.


#2: Adjustable Electronic Beard Trimmer

You could buy just any old beard trimmer, but then you would not get the results you need. A good beard trimmer needs to be electric because an electric motor allows for more consistency and accuracy. You are also a lot less possibly to cut yourself trimming with an electric trimmer than a regular razor.

Your trimmer needs to be adjustable because you never know when you will get the urge to do something special with your beard, and you will want versatility from your trimmer to do it. A trimmer that ranges between 10mm to 20mm will get the job done anytime.

good beard trimmer

#3: Steel Comb

Pet owners are familiar with those stiff, metal combs that are used to detect fleas, but that is not what we are expressing about here. A metal beard comb has longer teeth that are further apart from each other and rounded in the end. The point of a beard comb is to work its way safely through the beard, remove tangles, and prevent the beard from looking like a bird’s nest.

metal beard comb

#4: Nose Hair Trimmer

Unless you feel relaxed with the idea of trying to stick your beard trimmer up your nose, and you will want to invest in a separate nose hair trimmer. The uncomfortable growth of nose hair is something most guys do not plan on when they first grow out their beard. But nose hair can grow quickly and start causing an uncomfortable sensation on the upper lip and inside the nostrils.

A good nose hair trimmer can be manual or electronic, but it must be sharp and precise. When you use a nose hair trimmer, always do so when looking into a mirror to avoid causing any severe injuries.

Nose Hair Trimmer

#5: Moustache and Beard Razor

A good beard trimmer will help you keep your beard and moustache looking great, but it cannot shave your skin around the beard and moustache. For the best possible results shaving around your beard, you should get a beard and moustache razor. These are razors contoured to move along your skin comfortably and get rid of any excess facial hair.

Many beard owners start off trying standard razors to shave around their beards. But, it does not take long to realize that a standard razor can get snagged into your beard or make a cut too close to your moustache and cause a lot of pain. A moustache and beard razor is designed specifically to allow close shaving to facial hair without the problems that come with standard razors.

Beard Razor

A beard is one of the most notable displays of manly awesomeness available, but it is also a vital source of responsibility. If you want to maintain the perfect beard, then you need the right supplies and equipment. Only with the right equipment can you keep a beard that would make the Lumberjack proud and make you an object of female desire.

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