7 Great Odes to the Beard

When it comes to paying praise to the more beautiful things in life, nothing is more appropriate than a jaunty tune. There is longevity to music whether it is a novelty song, a serious attempt at art or a band name that will live on for years. The key to a good beard tune is that it deals with beard culture or the beard itself. While the Grateful Dead entertain millions, Jerry Garcia’s beard does not qualify the Dead as paying tribute to beards.

As you rearrange the tunes on your iPod, consider some of these odes to the beard that will carry a smile to your face and sunshine to your day. If the tune is jaunty, it will even put some pep in your step, or whatever it is jaunty tunes do.

“The Lumberjack Song” – Monty Python

With products such as Lumberjack Beard Oil out there to help keep your beard looking great, it only stands to reason that songs about lumberjacks qualify as tributes to beards. The image of a stout lumberjack in his flannel shirt accented by his flowing beard may not be in the lyrics, but it is definitely part of the story.


“Lumberjack” – Jackyl

Hair metal has a problem being jaunty, but Jackyl puts together the perfect ode to the lumberjack beard in their song “Lumberjack.” With an intense vocal delivery by lead singer Jesse James Dupree and a real chainsaw solo in the middle, this song is about as manly as it gets. That makes it the perfect ode to the manly beard that every lumberjack is proud to display.


Spock’s Beard

The band Spock’s Beard has some pretty jaunty tune, but they make our list because of their name. Not only is the band titled after a beard, but it is named after one of the most famous beard’s on television. Evil Spock and his beard only appeared in one episode but, as with anything related to beards, they made quite an impact.


“The Beard Song” – The Bandettes

There are few odes to the beard more deeply beloved by beard owners than “The Beard Song” by the Bandettes. This was the first single the band ever released, and it tells the story of a guy with a great beard. Not only is the tune plenty jaunty, but it tells a great and emotional story as well. In Beard Nation, this one could be the national anthem.

Beard Song–The Bandettes

“Obey The Beard” – Psychostick

Psychostick is a speed metal band with a sense of humor and a ton of respect for the power of the beard. Aside from having one of the funniest music videos ever made, “Obey the Beard” gives every good reason why any guy should grow a tremendous beard. From attracting the ladies to developing unstoppable self-esteem, Psychostick explains exactly why every manly man should grow a beard and maintain it with pride.

You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man” – The Beards

There really is not much to speak about this song except that the song and band name are pure perfection.


“Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard” – Wilco

Bob Dylan is blamed for a lot of bad things in music, but growing a beard was always his saving grace. Wilco indicates that the appearance of yet another Dylan beard tended to make each situation a bit tense, but the respect and appreciation for the power of the beard is definitely intact.


If music is your guiding light, then it is obvious that music is telling you to grow a beard. To help your beard grow comfortably, be sure to apply Lumberjack Beard Oil throughout the entire process. You can also use the beard oil to maintain a soft and attractive beard that may influence someone to write a song about you one day.

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