Beard Care Tips for Guys with Curly Beards

Some guys grow straight-haired beards while other guys grow curly beards. There is no right or wrong to what kind of beard you have because it is all based on your personal preference. If you have a curly beard, then there are some care tips you should take that will allow your beard to remain soft and manageable. If you want to straighten that puppy out, then the Lumberjack has tips for that, as well.

Caring For Your Curly Beard

Guys with curly beards like that full and rounded look the curly beard gives, but having a curly beard comes with some responsibilities. For one thing, the hairs in your curly beard grow like little spiral springs that can start to get tangled after a while. That is why guys with curly beards should use a beard comb to keep their hairs from getting tangled or knotted.

Along with the comb, it may help to run a soft bristle brush through your curly beard as well. Not only will this feel just completely awesome, but it is a less abrasive way of continuously combing your beard without ripping out hairs or irritating your skin.

To keep your curly beard looking its best, always use Lumberjack’s Beard Oil each day. The need to keep the hair follicles of a beard soft and healthy is especially critical with a curly beard. The beard oil will make it easier to brush and comb your beard, and it will also keep your beard looking healthy.

caring for curly beard

Two Ways to Straighten Your Beard

If your curly beard is four inches long, then it will be eight or more inches long when it is straightened out. This is necessary to keep in mind so that you are ready to do the required trimming to your beard once you have straightened it. There are two ways to straighten your beard; a beard straightener iron and beard relaxing cream. The iron is a short-term solution while the relaxing cream gives long-term results.

Beard Straightening Iron

If you feel like you have noticed a beard straightening iron somewhere before, then you probably remember your girlfriend or wife using one to straighten their hair. Yes, a beard straightener is simply a repackaged hair straightening iron, but it all does the same thing.

A beard straightening iron works quickly, and it works very well. Of course, you should be careful not to burn your fingers or your face. But you knew that, right? The only drawback to a bread straightening iron is that the effects are lost the moment you take a shower. But if you are looking for an outstanding temporary beard straightening solution, then this is it.

Beard Relaxing Cream

Beard relaxing cream removes the curl from your hair follicles permanently and gives you a nice, straight beard. You can wash your beard and treat it with beard oil, and it will stay straight. The only thing to remember with relaxing cream is that you need to apply it every few weeks as new, and curly hair grows in to replace the dead hair follicles in your beard.

Caring For Your Straight Beard

You care for your straight beard in much the same way you would care for your curly beard. You comb your beard once a day and apply beard oil as needed. The only thing you don’t have to do to a straight beard is use the soft bristle brush once or twice a day. But, the soft bristle brush feels so wonderful that you should just go ahead and use it anyways.

Always trim your beard to remove the dead and split ends of your follicles and wash your soft beard as you would the hair on top of your head. Take care of your beard, and it will take care of you.

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