Beard Economics: Why the Beard is a Good Investment

Have you ever gazed at a boy with a beard and thought of how much money and time that guy is saving? Men without beards have no appreciation for how much of a smart investment a beard can be because they just never take the time to crunch the numbers. Since a beard costs you nothing to grow, it becomes an investment that will actually make you money over time.

Dating Sites

The Ask Men website informs us that women not only prefer men with beards, but women also see men with beards as being better fathers. When you are trying to find the right lady to spend the rest of your life with, having a beard gives you so many more options to choose from. points out that it can cost a guy anywhere from $40 to $60 a month to join a dating site, which works out to $480 to $720 per year. That means that men can save hundreds of dollars a year simply by growing a beard and getting out more.

Buying Razors

All of the fancy commercials about buying razors does not hide the fact that razors are expensive. The Wall Street Journal once figured that the average Schick replacement shaving cartridge cost $3 and men usually change their cartridges once every one or two weeks. That means that the average guy is paying around $100 or so per year on razors, or around $10 per month.

If that were the only cost to shaving, then you may not be too impressed with that number. But there is also the cost of shaving cream, after shave, and replacement razor handles to consider as well. If you are spending $20 or more a month on shaving, then you can save all of that money by just growing a beard.


Time is money, right? So how much money are you spending when you shave every day and waste that time in front of the bathroom mirror? You could sleep little longer if you didn’t have to shave, or you could spend more time focusing on your apparel for the day and choose something that would really make an impact. But instead of doing those constructive things each morning, you spend time shaving and wasting the morning away.

What about those occasions when you wake up late and cannot shave? That “homeless guy” look is not going to win you a lot of new customers and causing an accident while trying to shave and drive can become really expensive for a long time. When it comes to conserving time and money at the same time, nothing beats having a beard.


Did you see the guy that just got the promotion you wanted? He has a beard, and you do not. Do you see the missing element here? Beards are known to give men more confidence, and that can lead to things like a higher salary, a better car, a better house, and kids that go on to be president. Why would you not want that?

growing a beard

The only real expenses to maintaining a beard are Lumberjack Beard Oil and hair trimmers. The beard oil keeps your beard looking great, and the trimmers prevent your beard from looking unruly. You can turn your face into a profit center when you make the decision to invest in having a beard. The greatest part is that the only thing you have to invest really is time.

After having your beard for a little while, you can start paying down some of those bills with the money you save. Then you can take your extra cash and take your supermodel girlfriend out for a nice dinner in your sports car. The only reason you don’t see a beard as a great investment is because you don’t already have one.

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