Why Chicks Dig Guys That Use Beard Oil

Guys with major beards grow their beards for two reasons; they want to, and it helps to attract the right women. When you have a stubbly beard, you give off a vibe that says you are not too committed to the beard. That non-committal attitude tends to turn a lot of chicks off. But when you are committed to the full beard look, then you are going to get the attention of the ladies who love beards.

These days, having a beard is not enough anymore. Guys who want their beards to be chick magnets need to apply beard oil for giving a fantastic look to their beards. Why does beard oil make such a big difference to the ladies? It has a lot to do with what women like about beards and what a woman expects when she lands a guy with a classic facial hair look.

Reason Why #1: Running Their Fingers through Your Hair

Most guys love to have their girls run their fingers through their hair, but the girls will only do it if the guys take care of their hair. When a lady lands a guy with a classic lumberjack beard, she wants to be able to run her finger through that beard and get closer to her guy.

Beard oil conditions your beard to make it soft and manageable. When you use beard oil, you create a beard that just invites chicks to run their fingers through it, and that is the first step in turning your beard into a chick magnet.

Reason Why #2: A Soft Pillow to Lie Upon

Women who like men with beards also tend to like to cuddle. Why? Because those women love to cuddle up with a soft beard that feels like a comfortable pillow. Beard oil not only makes your beard soft enough for cuddling, but it also creates a great scent that women can enjoy all evening long.

girls with beard men

A bristly beard is going to become a huge turn-off for a lady, especially on those evenings when there is a good movie on television, and she just wants to cuddle on the couch. Do yourself a favor and condition your beard with beard oil to give your lady the comfortable cuddle pillow she has always wanted. It does not sound too manly, but sometimes being manly means doing something that the ladies love.

Reason Why #3: Women Will Find Beard Oil for You

If you are not applying beard oil to get the right look and feel to your beard, then your lady will find it for you. It is always best for a man to find his own beard oil and surprise his lady with the very kind of beard she has always wanted her man to have.

If you read the comments on beard oil websites, you will be shocked to see just how many women say that they love the product and buy it for their man. When you establish the right beard oil for your beard, then you will give your lady another gift she can buy for your birthday or the holidays that you will actually use.

A beard is something that a man grows because he wants to, but he does not need to be selfish about it. When you care for your beard with the right kind of beard oil, your beard becomes something that can really attract the ladies. Beard oil makes your beard healthier, softer, more manageable and offers a variety of scents you can choose from. Beard oil also turns your beard into something that you and your lady can share and turn it into one of the best parts of your entire relationship.

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