Choosing the Right Beard Oil Scent

In the movie “Anchorman,” we are introduced to the men’s cologne known as Sex Panther. Brian Fantana swears that it is impossible for the ladies to resist Sex Panther, but the aroma winds up clearing out the room and getting Fantana a shower using a fire hose. The lesson here is that picking the correct scent is always important, and that includes beard oil scents.

Sex Panther

One of the biggest misconceptions about beard oil is that it is designed to leave an oily residue in the beard that creates an everlasting scent. To be honest, that idea is just gross. Beard oil is meant to be worked into the beard, and the scent lingers like a good shampoo. That’s why it is so important to get the right scent for your beard oil.

Try Plenty of Scents

Quality beard oil manufacturers such as Lumberjack’s Beard Oil like to use descriptive names for their scents that try to give a literal interpretation of the aroma that is created. But even the best two-word name can leave some room for confusion, which is why you need to try as many scents as you can before choosing the one you like most.

Beard oil scents are usually done with a theme in mind. For example, it isn’t that difficult to figure out what “Enchanted Pine Forest” smells like, but it may not be so obvious with a scent like “The Cedar Mill.” That is why you should try as many scents as possible until you find the right one.

Get Other People’s Opinions

Brian Fantana could have saved himself a lot of troubles if he would have just gotten other people’s opinions about “Sex Panther.” By just unleashing it on an unsuspecting room full of people, he maximized his potential for failure and wound up being eternally embarrassed.

When it comes to beard oil, you should not make the same mistake. While manufacturers such as Lumberjack’s Beard Oil do not create scents to offend the nostrils, some scents merely do not smell as nice on some guys. Your skin or your beard may turn a scent that smells pleasant out of the bottle into something that should be avoided. The best approach is to get the opinions of people closest to you about the scents you are thinking before making your final choice.

Mix and Match?

So you like the citrus smell, and you also like the pine smell and you wonder what the two would smell like together. The critical thing you can do is start mixing beard oils because they are just not designed to work that way. In order to get the full and positive effect of a beard oil, you need to use it on its own and not mix two oils together.

A beard oil is already a mixture of ingredients brought together to make your beard healthier and give it a pleasant aroma. When you mix two beard oils together, you are defeating the purpose of using a beard oil and just creating an unnecessary mess. Find one beard oil you like and stay with it to get the best possible results.

Beard oils are great for conditioning your skin and making your beard soft to the touch.

Beard oils also come in a variety of scents that can add a pleasant aroma to your beard. Just as you take a time to choose the best scent in your hair shampoo, you should also spend some time finding the best possible beard oil scent.

When you have the right scent on your side, you can avoid being a Brian Fantana and clearing out a room. Instead, you can get the most out of your beard and make it something that everyone around you can enjoy.

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