What to Expect When You’re Growing Your First Beard

You’ve seen the actors raking in the ladies with great beards, and now it is time for you to give it a try. The biggest misconception people having about growing their first beard is that it is as easy as growing head hair. The truth is that growing your first beard requires patience on your part and perhaps a bit of versatility as well. Remember that if growing a beard were easy, then every guy would have one.


When you don’t shave for a several days, you get that scruff that becomes so annoying that you have to shave it off before you scratch the skin off your face. When you decide to grow a beard, you have to live with that itchy feeling for weeks before the beard grows in enough where that itch is gone. But, in the meantime, it itches!

You may actually have facial hair growing where it never grew before, which is part of the reasons why it itches so much. There are numerous lotions and creams you can use to help stop the itch, and you will find these to be your best friends. If there is one thing you will remember about growing your first beard, it will definitely be that it itches.


Prepare to be Disappointed

You look at your pre-beard face in the mirror and think of how awesome that face will look with a full beard. But when the hair starts growing and the itching begins, it becomes really apparent that you will have bald spots, and your full beard may never be fully realized.

The severe thing you can do is panic about bald spots. Some bald spots may be in places that allow you to trim your beard and avoid those spots entirely. In a critical case situation, you can try some hair growing lotions to solve the problem. The bitter truth is that utmost of you will be disappointed by bald spots, but you will have to find ways deal with it and resolve the problem the best you can.

beard bald spots

The Awkward “It’s Growing In” Phase

If all beards grow smoothly then life would be so superb, but each beard grows in its own way, and that means that your beard will probably grow unevenly. You may even have to trim certain parts of your beard while leaving other portions alone just to get the look you want.

The “growing in” phase is usually the time when a lot of guys give up and shave their beard off. Growing a beard gets easier after you let the first one grow in, so do not give up just because your unfinished beard makes you look like a homeless drifter.

unevenly beard growth

You Will Get Advice

When some guys with beards see other guys growing beards for the first time, they often feel as though they are wise sages passing on important beard growing advice. Unfortunately, your first beard is pretty obvious when it is growing in, so you will attract the guys who feel like you need help, even though you didn’t ask for it.

You know what? We suggest that you listen to the advice and see if it has any merit. You may learn valuable information that will help you to grow an enormous beard, and that is never a bad thing.

As your first beard is growing in, be sure to use Lumberjack beard oil to keep your skin moist, and your beard conditioned. Growing your first beard is not as easy as it sounds, which is why you should get all of the helpful products that you can. The Lumberjack’s beard oil and plenty of patience will help you to get that beard to grow perfectly.

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