How to Properly Trim a Beard Neckline

Even if you have no idea what a bad beard neckline is, you have seen at least one in your life and you cringed. People who know nothing about beards and may not even like beards are still able to spot a bad beard neckline from a mile away. Why? Because a bad beard neckline makes your beard look incomplete and your face look, well, fat.

To avoid all of that, you need to be able properly trim your beard to create the right neckline. Once you start doing your beard neckline right, you will always be able to spot people who do it wrong and you will cringe as well.

Keep Your Beard Healthy

Trimming your beard when you do not take care of it can be an extremely painful experience. Use beard oil to keep your beard healthy and make it much easier to trim a good neckline. Lumberjack’s beard oil will keep your beard hair healthy, while keeping your beard hair soft and clean. The first step to any kind of beard maintenance is to use beard oil to keep your beard soft and healthy.

Create a Line That Runs From the Bottom of Each Side Of Your Jaw

beard necklineThe first step is not as complicated as it sounds, but it is important to remember that you should not use a straight line. Place your finger at the bottom of your right jawbone and then make a line that follows the place where your head meets your neck to the left jawbone. That is the border of your beard neckline.

Do not follow along your jawbone to make this border line. Unless you are a member of the boy band In Sync, then following along your jawbone makes a beard that is too shallow and just looks bad.


Let the Sideburns Grow

When you have a full beard, your sideburns become part of the whole presentation. Do not shave off the sideburns and disconnect your beard from the hair on top of your head. If you are sporting the bald look, which many men do these days, then top off your beard at the top of your ears. That gives you the full sideburns and beard look that you need.
Shave Off the Rest

No, that scraggly hair on your neck is not attractive and nor is it indicative of a true beard. Once you have established the neck borderline for your beard, then shave the rest off. Do not make the mistake of thinking that leaving the scraggly part is uber-manly. The manly part of having a beard is keeping it properly trimmed and that means creating a proper neckline.

What about Hair Length?

Once you trim away the excess on your neck, you will see just how sharp a proper beard neckline looks. But should you keep trimming your beard neckline if you allow your beard to grow down to your chest? You should always shave a clean neckline to keep that clean and manly look.

A good beard neckline is essential in the proper beard presentation. After a little practice, you will be able to trim your beard to make it look perfect each time.

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