Science and Lumberjack Debunk Study Saying Beards are Unhygienic

Fear mongering is something that people use when they want to shift opinion on a particular topic. If a media outlet wants to increase ratings, then it may run a story during flu season that talks about the many deaths associated with the flu. While everyone should be aware of the flu and take measures to avoid contracting it, deaths associated with the flu happen every year and are hardly the basis for a public panic.

It seems that the limits of fear mongering know no bounds as even beards have become media targets. The Daily Mail recently published research that stated that beards are health hazards. According to the report, having a beard turns you into a traveling disease factory capable of killing yourself and others. The Lumberjack read this report, and he finds it not only inaccurate, but amusing.

Hygiene Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Everything these experts are saying in the Daily Mail article can be applied to any act of human hygiene. If you do not wash the hair on top of your head, then you can develop bacteria. Heck, you can even harbor rancid and rotting food in the hair on your head if you throw food up there and leave it there.

If you do not wash your skin, you will develop problems. If you do not brush your teeth, then you could start losing them. Insisting that the mere presence of a beard creates a health hazard is the same as saying that any person, at any given time, is harboring dangerous bacteria that can kill us all. Responsible and hygienic people are not dangers to society, and the same holds true for responsible beard owners.

The Simple Comment of Dr. Hugh Pennington

The ridiculous nature of this fear campaign against beards is expertly summed up by Dr. Hugh Pennington at the end of the Daily Mail article. Any of the bacteria found in a properly groomed beard is the same bacteria that is already present on the human skin. The beard does not add bacteria and, when it is cared for by a responsible owner, and it does not distribute bacteria either.

Dr. Pennington’s comment is an interesting way to end the article because it scoffs at all of the assertions made by the other experts. While the Daily Mail tries to be an objective news outlet, the use of Dr. Pennington’s quote at the end of the study reveals that even the media itself has doubts about the validity of these claims.

The Lumberjack’s Three Tips

Anyone who takes the proper steps to grow and maintain a beard eliminates the possibility of having their beard turn into a biological weapon. The Lumberjack’s three tips for having a great beard include eating the right foods, attending to the proper hygiene habits and utilizing beard oil to keep your beard healthy and soft.

healthy and soft beard

When you follow the Lumberjack’s three tips, you keep yourself and your beard clean and free from harmful bacteria. If you choose not to engage in proper hygiene, then you are setting yourself up to get sick. Whether you have a beard or not, people who do not properly groom themselves are going to find health issues, and that has nothing to do with the beard.

After thousands of years of glorious beards being worn by some of the most successful men in history, some narrow-minded people are taking to the Internet in an attempt to claim that beards are health hazards. A preliminary reading of the Daily Mail article may cause anger in men who responsibly display and enjoy their beards. But what the article should do is make everyone laugh.

Beard oil will help any man to maintain a healthy beard properly. Men have been growing beards for centuries, and there has never been a report of a pandemic delivered via a beard, and there never will be such a report. Enjoy your beard and take sensible steps to care for yourself and your ultimate expression of your manhood.

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