Science Backs up the Coolness of the Beard Yet Again

If you have a beard, then you already know that beards are cool. But it never hurts to have scientific evidence to back up your claim to coolness. Scientists will study just about anything these days, but some scientists recently took a break from wasting their time with pointless physics and started putting some effort into establishing just how cool it is to have a beard.

We already know that a beard keeps you warm in the winter and protects you from summer rain showers, but these scientists wanted to go deeper than that. How cool is it to have a beard? Sit back and revel in the scientific data that backs up just how cool it is to have facial hair.

Beard Transplants

The Daily Mail did a study in 2014 that showed that 4,500 British men were shelling out an average of 4,000 pounds each to have beard transplants. The Mail also finds that nearly 60 percent of British males said having a beard makes them feel more manly while 67 percent of British women prefer their men clean-shaven. Perhaps the communication gap between men and women starts at beards and grows from there.

Why are men getting beard transplants? Mostly because they cannot stand the bald spots they get when they grow their beards, and they want to fill those spots in. Rather than doing without a beard, these guys are willing to shell out real cash to get face hair implanted to allow for beard growth. Thank God for modern science.


Beards Make Men Feel Confident

The New Republic published an interesting story that included the findings of Avishag and Amotz Zahavi (she is listed first). This is an Israeli couple made up of a physiologist (her) and an evolutionary biologist (him), which makes for some very interesting arguments over the dinner table. The couple found that men with beards run the real risk of having those beards pulled in a fight, but they grow their beards because of their confidence in themselves.

American biologist William Hamilton noted that bearded men are flaunting their ability to fend off disease because of the parasites that often take residence in beards. Of course, beards treated suitably with Lumberjack Beard Oil do not harbor parasites, but that was not included in the study.

The point is that having a beard has been scientifically identified as a source of unlimited confidence. When a man grows a beard, he does so out of defiance to the naysayers and as an invitation to “bring it on” to anyone else.

The Silent Male Grunt

In The Telegraph, a University of Western Australia study was revealed which indicated that many males grow beards as a way of promoting their manliness to other males. Male humans, much like male apes, will grow beards to assert themselves in large groups and give other men a reason to fear them. This is what we can call the silent male grunt that categorizes the beard as a sort of war mask.

It was also discovered that human males like the way a beard looks and the ornamental nature of the beard gives men an increased feeling of self-esteem. This falls in line with the idea of a war mask and helps to reinforce the scientific notion that a beard is the equivalent of the silent male grunt.

There have been studies done on beards for centuries, and the evidence of the coolness of a beard just keeps piling up. Males grow beards for a variety of reasons, but every single one of those reasons points to a manly intention.

If you want your manly beard to scare away other males and help you to exert your dominance, and then be sure to treat it with Lumberjack Beard Oil. Choose your beard oil scent and then use your silent male grunt to establish your territory and keep the other men at bay.

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