Surprising and Hilarious Beard Trends on the Runway

If you take the opportunity to learn the relationship between the sexes, you will find all kinds of things to make you laugh and scratch your head. RuPaul, for example, is one of the most famous women in the world. The problem is that RuPaul is actually a guy in drag, and that can cause some confusion.

Men dressing like women has been going on for a very long time, but women have rarely returned the favor, especially in high fashion. To a lot of guys, the girls wearing male dress shirts as bed apparel is sight as sexy. But the idea of women wearing men’s clothing has never really caught on nearly as much as men wearing women’s clothing.

Recently, the fashion world gave a glimpse into the reason why men’s fashions have never caught on with the ladies. It isn’t men’s fashions that women want, and it is the one thing that men used to have as their own personal identity that women want to confiscate. Women want beards…

Women want beards

This Ain’t Halloween

The idea of a woman using makeup to paint with a hobo beard as part of a Halloween costume has been popular for years. Some guys even like it when women throw on a sexy pirate costume and complete the effect with a painted on beard. But this newest trend goes well beyond make-up and sexy pirate costumes and it is something that guys will have a hard time adjusting to.

It All Started With Yarn Beards On Winter Hats

In the northern climates, yarn hats have been popular for a very, very long time. Accessories such as yarn scarves and earmuffs have also helped to keep out the cold. But in the last few years, another accessory has appeared that looks a little weird. Wool beards are being knitted onto wool hats to offer protection from the cold and the chance to look like a guy with a beard.

Once yarn beards started appearing, it was only a matter of time before the idea of fake beards would become famous. There are a number of productive people in the world, but very few people ever saw the dawn of crystal beards coming.

yarn beards

Oh God – Crystal Beards

Utilizing a yarn beard to protect a lady’s face from the cold kind of makes sense, but creating a beard out of crystal that hangs from ear to ear to give a glistening look is just hilarious. These new fashion beards are jewelry that hang from ear to ear and create a look that is sure to get attention. The best part is that these crystal beards are considered high fashion; which means that every lady will want one.

The pictures of runway models in Paris and New York City doing their catwalk thing wearing crystal beards take some time to digest and analyze. While crystal beards may not look sexy to many guys, they are just one way that ladies can try and tip the fashion scale back to center. Are crystal beards a fair trade for guys in drag? Only time will tell.

beard trends

Actually, a little beard oil scent on those crystal beards could make them look a whole lot better. But in the meantime, guys will have to put up with women trying to commandeer something that they just do not understand. What may well be more male than a beard? It isn’t like guys in drag are wearing fake lady parts under those dresses. Or are they??

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